How to request a

Healing Chair

Fill out a request below to get on the waitlist for a Healing Chair. We will contact you in a few days to confirm a few details, answer any questions you might have, and discuss delivery options.  If possible, the request should be completed at least 2 weeks before your surgery date, but we recognize sometimes this is not possible. We will do everything in our power to locate a chair for you, but are unable to guarantee a chair will be available for every request, as they are loaned out on a first-come, first-served basis.  


Our Healing Chairs are reserved for women in St. Louis, and Columbia, Missouri, Dallas/Fort Worth Texas and Baltimore Maryland who are preparing to undergo mastectomy surgeries. Certain delivery boundaries or other restrictions may apply, and will be discussed with you when we call to schedule your delivery. 


Which region does your address put you in?
Per the manufacturer’s safety guidelines, our chairs are only able to accommodate individuals less than 275 pounds. Do you meet these requirements?
Please confirm that the chair will be delivered to NON-smoking household?
We are only able to deliver the chair to the ground floor level of your home. Please choose one of the following options that best describes where the chair will be located:

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