Recipient Agreement


The Healing Chair, Inc., a Missouri nonprofit corporation (“THC”), through a group of highly dedicated volunteers and a circle of caring survivors, embraces and supports breast cancer patients during their healing process by providing, at no cost, in-home lift chairs for patient use.  In consideration of this charitable service, THC requests that the “Recipient” of the THC lift-chair execute this Agreement to confirm the terms and conditions upon which THC will furnish the lift-chair for such Recipient’s use during recovery. 


The undersigned Recipient confirms that (i) she has read this Agreement in full and agrees to be bound by its terms, (ii) by signing this Agreement she is giving up legal rights which may otherwise be available, (iii) this Agreement sets forth all of the terms and conditions upon which THC is furnishing a lift-chair (the “Chair”) for Recipient’s use. 

Selection of potential Recipients for receipt of a Chair is subject to THC’s complete and sole discretion. Recipient is not entitled to receipt of a Chair by completing this form and agreeing to the Recipient Agreement. Geographic location and proximity to St. Louis, Missouri, Kansas City, Missouri, Columbia, Missouri, Overland Park, Kansas, and Wichita, Kansas, among other factors, may be considered by THC when evaluating whether to select a potential Recipient for receipt of a Chair. 


All Rights Reserved to The Healing Chair Organization

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